Asking for help can be really scary and hard. Sometimes we worry it will make us look weak or incompetent. Other times we worry we will hear “no”. Other times, we worry people will say yes, but that we will feel like a burden and become ashamed or embarrassed. BUT the truth is most of the time people LOVE to help others and love to be asked for help. Plus, there are lots of other reasons it is AMAZING to ask for help.

10 Reasons You Should Ask for Help More Often:

Ask for help - Travel further

1. You won’t get far without it

Anyone who made it big didn’t do it alone. Olympic athletes, corporate leaders, activists, world leaders. They all had a team of people helping them. How much of an impact do YOU want to have with your life?

Ask for help - Gain Respect

2. The right people will respect you for it

Anyone who thinks you’re weak for asking for help is someone who’s opinion you shouldn’t care about. The people who care about you will want to help if you let them. Anyone who thinks it’s strange is simply terrified of doing it themselves. They’re not worth your time.

Ask for help - Courage Muscle

3. You’ll get better at it each time

Courage is a muscle – it gets stronger every time we use it. So, each time we flex our courage muscle and ask for help, it gets slightly easier. The next time you need to ask for help you can say to yourself, “I’ve been here before, I’ve done this, I can do it again.”

Ask for help - Happy To Help

4. You’ll be helping THEM feel good!

Think how good it feels to help someone else. It feels awesome! Every time you ask someone for help, you’re giving them a chance to feel great about themselves. So, asking for help is beneficial for the helper AND the helpee. Everyone wins!

Ask for help - Surprised Who Cares

5. You’ll see who really cares about you

Anyone can pretend to be a great friend. But it’s when we ask for their help that we really see who our true friends are, while having a chance to potentially get rid of the dead wood. How many close friends do you really have time for anyway? You only need six people to carry your coffin :)

Ask for help - Spinning Wheel

6. It can help you from spinning your wheels

Sure you could try it on your own, but chances are someone you know has tried it before and can give you some tips to save you a BUNCH of time and headache. You don’t need to be a hero every day. Let someone else contribute to your hero-ing and save you some time.

Ask for help - Make A Friend

7. You might make a new friend

Sometimes the least likely person will offer to help you, and then a new friendship can develop. If you hadn’t reached out, you might never have discovered that you had something in common.

Ask for help - Destress

8. It can decrease stress

We are meant to work with others, not by ourself. We are social creatures. Asking for help builds a connection with the other person/people. That feels good!

Ask for help - Einstein

9. Einstein would love it

Call it the “universe” or call it quantum physics, but when you put out into the world the things you want, it magically gets attracted to you. So throw it out there and see what comes back. I’m continually amazed at how the universe responds when I show some vulnerability and ask for help.

Ask for help - Time Lost

10. It helps you stop procrastinating

You know those projects, or hobbies, or dreams that you keep putting off because you don’t know how to start? I’ve got them too. When you reach out and get help it can start you on your way and make it seem a whole lot less scary.

Well, hopefully this helps you feel more comfortable asking for help! And remember, sometimes asking is the greatest gift we can give OTHERS.

Have a courageous day.

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