1-On-1 Coaching

All coaching is, is taking someone where they can't take themself. - Bill McCartney

There is nothing quite like 1-on-1 coaching to help your team find the courage to excel at their jobs. According to our 2014 survey, the greatest professional development concerns of most companies, organizations and groups tend to be:

  • managing change
  • young leaders
  • being assertive
  • team cohesiveness

To boil that down a little further, managing change is the all-encompassing challenge, while the other areas make change management possible. While workshops and speaking can help address these issues as well, your team’s leaders are those who will drive and manage that change and so offering them 1-on-1 support and development through times of transition can be crucial to managing risks and the bumps that come along with changes.

Billy’s personal experiences and credentials have made him an expert on courage and the leader in courage coaching. As a result, Billy’s coaching can help senior staff manage change, build team cohesiveness, nurture more confidence and assertiveness, and be more willing to speak up and take initiative.

To learn more, please feel free to scroll through the information below. Interested in a broader courage program for your company or group? Let us know, we are happy to do talks with your group so you can see if you like what we have to say first!


Sample Program Outline


What Our Clients Say About Billy's 1-On-1 Coaching

” Billy is the best coach I’ve worked with thus far (and easily my favourite). I have gained much insight about myself. I’ve learned about my blocks and seen that it really is all in the mind. I’ve gained so much more courage. Now I act on the right opportunities faster and decision-making has become way easier after getting clear on my values. All of this has helped me grow as both a professional and as a person. ” – Jessica, Speaker & Entrepreneur

” I now listen better which allows me to see what’s important to my team. I ask more open-ended questions, getting them to think more and own their agenda.– Giancarlo, Director of Support Services

” After working with Billy, I have a better ability now to look at things from different perspectives. This helps me to not react right away, but rather to understand the impact of my own values and perceptions. I’m able to deal better with conflicts within my team.– Kimberly, Ontario Shores Mental Health Manager

 I am forever thankful for being made aware of the fears that hold me back. Even when you think you know yourself there is so much more to learn. Billy is a brilliant and remarkable guy. ” – Chris, Entrepreneur & Business Owner


Some Of Our Clients

Under Armour
Canada Olympics
Rotman University of Toronto
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
Industry Canada
George Brown College
Cambridge Group of Clubs

Billy's Credentials

Here are just some of Billy’s credentials that have made him an expert on the subject of courage, in and out of the workplace:

  • Author of Your Comfort Zone is Killing You: Having the Courage To Be You
  • Columnist for The Globe & Mail Careers section
  • Career Partners International Certified Career Consultant
  • Adler/International Coach Federation ACC Certified Coach
  • Outward Bound Canada Lead Instructor
  • Carleton University Bachelor of Commerce

Other Ways To Work With Billy

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