When you’re Superman, or Jesus… or even Donald Trump – it might seem REALLY clear whether you’re actually living your Life Purpose or not. But for most of us, our Life Purpose is more subtle and personal than that. So how do you know if you’re living it? Great question, which is why I thought I’d share…

10 ways you know you’re living your Life Purpose

Living Your Life Purpose - Excited

1. You’re excited as hell about life!

When you have defined your Life Purpose, you look forward to waking up in the morning!  Because you’re BEING your true self.  You’re living every day in a way that’s right for you.  That’s exciting.

Living Your Life Purpose - Stuck

2. You don’t feel stuck anymore

Before you figure out your Life Purpose, you feel stuck.  You feel like you’re knee deep in mud or running on a treadmill but going nowhere.  But your Life Purpose gives you direction, helps you make decisions, and gets you UN-stuck.

Living Your Life Purpose - Scared

3. You feel scared sometimes

It’s a reality.  In order to live true to your unique Purpose, you have to go against the grain sometimes.  You can’t always play it safe and follow the crowd.  That’s scary.  When was the last time YOU felt scared?

Living Your Life Purpose - DisappointPeople

4. Sometimes you disappoint people

A Life Purpose gets you really clear on who you are and what you want your life to be about.  But sometimes you’ll be asked to get involved in things that don’t FIT your Life Purpose.  So you have to say no.  No one likes disappointing people (I hate it!) but if you plan to stay true to your Purpose, disappointing others is inevitable.  Just do it nicely.

Living Your Life Purpose - Hiding

5. You don’t feel like you’re hiding part of who you are

The vast majority of people out there are hiding a part of who they are.  I used to do it myself.  They’re scared they won’t be liked for being themselves.  They’re scared they won’t fit in.  So they hide their true self.  But that leads to misery.  Diving head first into your Life Purpose means you are ready to be 100% yourself.

Living Your Life Purpose - ExcitedToWork

6. Work excites you, rather than filling you with dread

This assumes, of course, that your work fits your Life Purpose!  In a perfect work your ENTIRE life fits your Life Purpose, and work is a big part of it.  How is this true for you?  Does your work make you feel proud of yourself and what you do at work?  Do you feel excited when you read your company’s mission statement?

Living Your Life Purpose - StopShoulding

7. You have stopped “shoulding” on yourself

I should do this, I should not to that….  That’s how most people live their life.  Their WHOLE life.  But when you’ve got a Life Purpose it doesn’t feel like a should anymore.  It feels like a want.  How much of your life feels like a should vs a want?

Living Your Life Purpose - GoodAt

8. You know what you’re really good at

Most people don’t know what they’re good at when I start coaching them.  It’s really common actually.  But you have to know what you’re good at to define the purpose of your life.  Believe me, your purpose will incorporate what you kick ass at!  Ask your friends what you’re good at – and tell them to be honest.  You may be surprised.

Living Your Life Purpose - DalaiLamaQuote

9. You’re helping others

Every single self-aware person I know focuses on helping others.  Nothing feels better.  It is the natural state of human beings.  Your Life Purpose is simply a sentence that explains YOUR unique way to help others.  Regardless of your career, you can always do it in a way that helps other people.  Mmmm that feels food.

Living Your Life Purpose - Compare

10. You don’t compare yourself to others anymore.

The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.  Otherwise you’ll be miserable.  As my friend Marci Lock says, “Comparison is the thief of all joy.”  But when you define your Life Purpose and live true to it every day, you don’t feel the need to compare yourself anymore.  You know you kick ass.

Well, I hope you read through these and were nodding away – which means you’re living your Life Purpose!! Yay!! If not, there’s still LOTS of time and a lot of courageous ways to get there. So, feel free to get in touch with Billy at sayhi@couragecrusade.com OR leave questions or thoughts in the comment section below. Our 7-day RECESS will ALSO include discovering your Life Purpose and how to apply it, so check out more about that retreat here.

You can also find more on this and other courage-related topics in Billy’s book “Your Comfort Zone is Killing You” (available here).

Have a courageous day!