Billy’s speaking is all about edu-tainment: teaching your group something new which they can apply to their work and life, through upbeat, unique-as-heck, real life stories and easily applicable challenges to help the audience develop new, more courageous habits.

So what? Why does it matter? Your group has probably sat through dozens of talks from “expert speakers” before, but some take-aways are not always as valuable as others. Not this time, with a focus on courage and ways for the group to take action in the room immediately, our talks lead to real changes.

Billy has been a speaker for groups of hundreds of people, down to just a few with consistently positive reviews across the board. His style is not only motivating, but deeply inspiring and engaging as well. Click to see examples of Billy’s speaking and learn more about applications and potential for your group.


Workshops & Groups

Do you want a kick-ass team with long-term goals that excite them? Or perhaps you’d like to see your staff taking more initiative? Or, maybe you have several young leaders whose skills you like to retain and further develop? Or maybe you could use some support helping your staff through an organizational change?

Courage is at the core of all of these common organizational goals and challenges. Getting excited about our life, and our work, means taking a courageous look at one’s self and our true desires, aspirations and what skills and attributes we have to contribute.

While all of The Courage Crusade’s products and services help cultivate more courage, group workshops and programs are a great way to help build team cohesiveness as you work through goals together and find the courage, as a team, to make a real difference.

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1-On-1 Coaching

The absolute best way to get the results you want: a 1-on-1 intensive coaching course for 6 months. There’s not really any other way to say it. As an ACC Certified Coach and Certified Career Consultant, Billy is a highly qualified coach who consistently helps others achieve the results they are looking for.

Billy’s approach focuses on the whole person, rather than just the “work” person, because the challenges that get in people’s way at work are identical to the challenges they face in their personal life. Each person gets a program tailored to their specific needs, rather than a cookie-cutter program based on an ideal employee that doesn’t exist.

1-on-1 coaching is ideal for individuals looking for changes in their life or in their work performance, and who are willing to take a good hard look at themselves with an open mind and the desire to learn more.


What People Are Saying


President, StarlingBrook Leadership Consulting

Billy’s out-of-the-box thinking engaged our audience and helped them understand courage and its impact on leadership.


Chief Joe and Bottle Washer at JoeVolunteer

That call has already had a profound impact on my life, and at least three other lives just from me hearing the Inner Critic message yesterday.  You're making a difference and being a blessing in many lives.  I fucking love what you do, my friend. You had better not stop!

Tahanni Aburaneh


Entrepreneur/Author/ Speaker/Coach at Tahani International CORP

I left our call in awe thinking how amazing and fast your way of getting to root cause of our inner critic is. The way you tied my biggest limiting belief to my new project (my book) was amazing. Every entrepreneur who wants to take their business to the next level owes it to themselves to figure out their Inner Critic with Billy and move their life in a direction that is 10X more powerful and with a clarity that you will get with Billy in one hour rather than days and days with other coaches.


Founder, Brands for the Heart

That was MAGICAL. You took me deep into my subconscious and helped me get really-really-really clear on what my inner critic is saying and how it's limiting my current reality. In one week, I'm already starting to see the benefits in my business having acknowledged this little voice within me. Everyone should experience one of these sessions, it was absolutely worth it!


Partner/VP Acquisitions at Podium Publishing - Audiobooks

The proof to me was that for 3 days after our call I saw my inner critic in action, negatively affecting my business and relationships. But awareness is the first step! Billy's superpowers are very evident when he's honing in on the inner critic.

Chris Kuilman

Entrepreneur and Business Owner

I’m forever thankful for being made aware of the fears that hold me back. Even when you think you know yourself, there is so much more to learn. Billy is a brilliant and remarkable guy.

Solange Tuyishime

Miss United Nations

Every time I find myself looking for excuses for why I can’t achieve something or fix a problem, the first thing that comes to my mind is: what would Billy say to me?


Creative Director

Billy pushed our team to set goals, get to know one another (and ourselves) on a deeper level, and left each of us with a lot more direction and purpose – both at the workplace and at home.


CEO & Founder, Total Office Wellness

It made me accountable to myself and to others and gently pushed me in a direction that deep down I knew I had to take. From the bottom of heart…thank you.

Billy's Clients

Under Armour
Canada Olympics
Rotman University of Toronto
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
Industry Canada
George Brown College
Cambridge Group of Clubs