This book will help ensure that you won’t share the #1 regret of people on their deathbed – “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”
You can quickly and easily learn…
  • What do you value? What’s your Life Purpose?
  • What are you good at?
  • Why do some things upset or anger you?
  • How do other people’s expectations hold you back?
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“You know the types of quotes that inspire you enough to write them on your bathroom mirror? The ones you read every morning getting ready to kick the day’s ass? If this book were a quote, it’d be that. After every page you want to shout out loud, “Ya! That’s me! I can do that!” or “That makes sense.” or “I totally felt like that!” It makes the hair stand up on your arms page after page when you face the realization that happiness is a choice and you can make your life however awesome you choose, with no regrets.” – Corrie

“This book laid out how first to get clear – who am I, what is important to me, what am I good at? Then I learned how to put that into action every single day so that I could be the best I could be. It applies to everything – my career, my relationships, my feelings, my ups and downs, my path, the list goes on.” – Flo

“I have read a number of self help books, and this is the best one I’ve ever read. This is the kind of book I could recommend to basically anyone (even to those who do not believe in self help books). It’s easy to follow and you don’t want to put it down!” – Jackie
“Have you ever heard the quote “it’s better to walk in the right direction that to run the wrong way”? Billy’s book helps one to realize their top values in life so you can start working towards serving your values. Need the courage to take that leap of faith??? The courage to pursue your dreams? Find it here and join a crusade of entrepreneurs finding a new way to live life.” – Holly

“Brilliant book. If you are ready to make a change but feel alone or unsure of what to do next- this book is a must read. The book is written in a very easy to understand, straight forward way. You can feel the author’s character through his words and experiences!” – Alexandra

‘Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You’ takes on the idea of an examined life with enthusiasm, sharing insights and strategies to approach the daunting task of building a life lived on your own terms. Socrates would approve.” – Chris

“The information in this book has changed my life. Billy took me on a journey of self discovery. I was able to find what my life values are and how they relate to my overall life purpose. This book is 100% a game changer. Enjoy!” – Ken