This month we’ve been talking a lot about values. Some of you may have even tried our online values assessment to figure out YOUR top ten values. As you are likely aware, your values are at the heart of every decision you make, but also how you feel and how you act or react to situations or people in your life. When we say a job or a relationship is a “fit” for you, it is a “fit” for your values. When we say, “live a life that’s true to you”, we mean true to what you value!

To help highlight the significance of values in our lives and how they affect who we are (or who we appear to be), we took a look at 10 celebrities and tried to identify a value of theirs in order to show you how those values come through, when you let them.


Nelson Mandela values equality

1. Nelson Mandela: Equality

This one may seem obvious, but think of how intensely you’d have to value equality in order to do what Nelson Mandela and crew did. Abolishing apartheid in South Africa would have been no easy task, but when it’s something you deeply value, as Mandela must have, there’s no stopping that from coming through. You literally can’t rest, sit still, or try to hold it back – our values are just too strong and sometimes they push us to do things you may have never thought possible.

Kim Kardashian values status

2. Kim Kardashian: Status

Yes, even those who stoop as low as Kim Kardashian STILL have values. It is quite likely that Kim has an inkling for status. She wants to be seen, recognized, admired and appreciated. Now, think for a moment – if you value status in this way, but a lot of that status is acquired through negative press, what do you think that does for your self-esteem? I mean really, deep down – do you think her value feels fulfilled? I’d think it’s a pretty difficult position to be in… not that posting photos of your bare ass are helping any!

Taylor Swift values authenticity

3. Taylor Swift: Authenticity

Taylor Swift has gone through a few changes as of late, and some people may feel like authenticity is an odd choice given her sudden switch from country to top 40, but the change does seem to come from an authentic place, “Two years gives you enough time to grow and change; change what you believe in and what’s influencing and inspiring you,” Swift said of the two years between Red and 1989. “In the process, my music changed. I woke up every single day not wanting, but needing, to make a new style of music. This album is a rebirth for me.” If you NEED to be true to yourself and make sure your work reflects that, it sounds like a pretty strong authenticity value to us!

Stephen Harper values safety

4. Stephen Harper: Safety

Well people may have a few opinions on what Stephen Harper may or may not value, but safety is something that seems to come up for him again and again. For one, Harper is the leader of the conservative party which, as the name suggests, tends to be more risk-averse and “safe” in terms of policy. He has also put great emphasis on national security, getting relatively involved in wars abroad (for Canada) and vocalizing a harder stand on those who jeopardize that. But even if you disagree with ALL of that, you can’t look at THAT haircut or THAT suit and tell me he’s not playing it safe! Then again, I suppose most politicians in Canada do…

Jennifer Lawrence values humility

5. Jennifer Lawrence: Humility

Jennifer Lawrence is all class and we think a lot of that comes from valuing humility. Despite being one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood today, Lawrence always comes across as nothing but sweet, sincere, and a lot like that cool girl in high school who marched to the beat of her own drum not noticing that every single guy on the hockey team would cut off his left… leg, to be with her. Seriously, even when nude photos were leaked of her this all star didn’t deny or hide away, but she also wasn’t proud and showy about it – she took the high road and taught us all a moral lesson that hopefully others in Hollywood (ahem, Paris, ahem) could learn a thing or two from!

Princess Kate Middleton values loyalty

6. Princess Kate: Loyalty

While she might make it look easy, it’s not easy being a princess. In fact, Will and Kate have had their fair share of ups and downs, and Kate in particular has really struggled with aspects of their relationship that are out of her control – like all the incessant media attention. In fact, between 2003 and 2007 Kate made multiple complaints about media harassment and took a number of actions to try and stop it, from security details to invasion of privacy suits. Despite that, and even in spite of their break-up in 2007, Kate has remained nothing but loyal to her now-husband Will. Despite the pressures on her personal life, Kate makes it work and suggests to us that her love and loyalty to her husband is strong, reinforced by the fact that the couple dated for about 7 years before he even proposed!

Brad Pitt values family

7. Brad Pitt: Family

As much as you might like to think that Brad Pitt likely values long walks on the beach, talking long into the night, and bubble baths – we think that Brad strongly values Family. In fact, he’s another example of someone who has made significant shifts in his life to ensure that value was met. This includes his divorce from wife Jennifer Aniston, widely rumoured to be because of disagreements around starting a family and Brad’s strong desire for one, as well as his subsequent marriage to Angelina Jolie with whom he has a plethora of children (yes… I think the term “plethora” is appropriate in this context). Furthermore, Brad stands by his wife and children despite some VERY trying situations in ways that many other parents wouldn’t have the courage to. This includes Brad and Angelina’s full family of their child John’s (previously Shiloh) gender identity questions, being gentle, understand and loving in their approach.

Tom Brady values commitment

8. Tom Brady: Commitment

Tom Brady screams commitment both on and off the field. As a quarterback, Brady is required to make spit-second calls that commit both he and his team. We’d say he does it pretty well, and his ability to commit without hesitation has helped Brady win the Super Bowl 4 times, and earned him the Super Bowl MVP 3 times! That’s more than anyone else in the history of the sport. But Brady also shows deep commitment off the field: he takes care of himself, he is a very loving husband, and is a very committed Catholic who doesn’t seem to waver from these commitments even an inch. Need someone you can rely on? Pick someone JUST like Tom Brady, his picture should seriously be in the dictionary next to this value.

Hillary Clinton values independence

9. Hillary Clinton: Independence

As someone who gained much of their notoriety for who they are married to and his very public acts of infidelity, it may seem a bit odd at first to consider Hillary Clinton as someone who values independence – but it works! Since her husband’s impeachment and the consequential end to her stand-by-your-man position in the media, it’s been all about Hillary. Ms. Clinton has been a rising start in politics on her own accord, taking on some very serious issues – including many women’s rights issues – with a strong voice and an independent opinion. While she remains loyal and loving to her family, Hillary has proven herself to be very much her own woman, who makes her own decisions and has stood as an example of independence, confidence and integrity for many women who respect and admire her strength.

Oprah Winfrey values concern for others

10. Oprah: Concern for others

Oprah represents a lot of pretty impressive things to a lot of people, but I don’t think many would argue the fact that she likely values “concern for others”. Oprah grew up in a low income family and knew what it was like to struggle. This clearly came through in her approach on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Even despite criticism for it, Oprah never wavered from a more emotion-focused approach that seemed to really be concerned for people, and what they needed. In fact, when she reinvented her show in the mid-1990s she incorporated a strong focus on self-improvement and self-help, speaking to this concern for others and their ability to help themselves. Toward the end of The Oprah Winfrey Show Oprah was giving, giving, giving – again, suggesting a great need that she has to help others and show them support.

Well, we hope those examples help you to see how values – especially our top values – play out in our lives. Again, if you haven’t tried it yet, you can use this free, online values assessment to determine your own top 10 values. What ways do those values show through in your life? What decisions have you make for your job, family, self, community, etc. in line with those values? When you feel unhappy, which values tend to go unfulfilled in those situations the most?

Remember the more you know about your values, the more you’ll know about your needs, wants, drives, fits and loves.

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