Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to celebrate our screw-ups!

My coaching friend Joann Lim ( asked me a brilliant question: “what is the best mistake you ever made?”  After all, we can learn a TON from our mistakes.  So dig deep and share your mistakes in the comments section.  Be brave and show us some vulnerability.  That’s how trust is built!  Here is my answer to the question…

I succumbed to the biggest fear in the world (the fear of what other people think of us) which led to my biggest mistake; not allowing myself to be 100% me.

When I started my Coaching & Speaking business, the real me wanted to empower people to make a difference with their life, to stand up for who they wanted to be, to go against the grain and live a massive, impactful, grab-your-life-by-the-you-know-whats kind of existence.

But my inner voice said, “Whoa, easy buddy.  You can’t do that.  It sounds emotional and hippy-ish.  Don’t you want to work with downtown executives, because that’s where the respect is.  That’s what “success” means, right?  You should call yourself an Executive Coach, not a Courage Coach.  Won’t business people in expensive suits with MBA’s role their eyes when you tell them you’re a Courage Coach?

My Inner Critic won (for a couple years, that is).  I went for big corporate clients.  I wore safe clothes and spoke with big words.  My first website was borrrring.  And, not surprisingly, it felt like work.  Hard work.

My new website tells how I was 5 years old when my Mom heard me crying in my room and I said, “You’re born, you live for a while, then you die.  What’s the point?”  My business tagline used to be “help people and teams deal with change”, but now I “kick people out of their comfort zone so they can make a difference”.

What about YOU?!  What is the best mistake YOU ever made?

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