Alrighty, the wedding mayhem is over and I’m back in one piece, with a fancy little ring on my finger.  Now it’s time to get back to MTWB (Make The World Better)

And I need your help!  Pretty please.  I’m writing a book that is going to help you take your life by the BALLS, and I would love your thoughts about the topic.  As you may know I’m a Courage Coach but I’m wondering if people would be more drawn to a book on “Courage” or a book on “Confidence”.  They’re very much related.  If you can please take one minute to answer the 3 easy questions below I would reeeaaaally appreciate it.

Later on I’ll be doing another poll to determine the actual title of the book.  You’ll have a chance to win some free Coaching sessions with yours truly.  For now, enjoy the heck out of your day!

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Thanks!  You’re awesome!