A life of purpose – it’s something we kinda feel like we want, we often sense there is something “more”, or like we are craving fulfilment and satisfaction, but we still don’t really know what a “life of purpose” means. What IS a life of purpose? Does it exist? And if it does, how do I know what MY life purpose is?

Well, first of all, yes a “life of purpose” does exist. As for what that means and how to find it, we at The Courage Crusade are committed to helping you find the courage to live a life that is 100% you, so we want to help. Billy has outlined some of the common questions (or misunderstandings) he encounters about life purpose. Plus, these little tidbits should not only help you better understand what a “life purpose” is, but they might also help you figure yours out… even just a bit. And if you need more help check out Billy’s book Your Comfort Zone is Killing You: Finding the Courage To Be You.

Billy’s Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Life Purpose:

Life Purpose Image: Struggle

1. What’s your biggest struggle?

Your ultimate Life Purpose is to help others who are struggling with the biggest struggle that YOU went through. That is what you are uniquely qualified to help people with, and it is what you are passionate about because you went through it yourself. My biggest struggle in life was having the courage to be myself, so now I help others have the courage to be themselves.

Life Purpose Image: Values Button

2. Your Life Purpose is your values in action

You can identify your top 10 values on our website here. Your values show what is most important to you. Your Life Purpose shows you how to act on those values in a way that will be best aligned with who you are and what you’re best at.

Life Purpose Image: Value

3. Adding your own unique value

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more fulfilling than adding value to other people’s lives. That is why your life purpose should start with how you’re going to add value.  Something like “I help…” or “I support…”  or “I empower….”

Life Purpose Image: Mission

4. You’re a 1-person organization

An organization’s Life Purpose is called a “mission statement”. Their mission statement helps them make decisions that are most aligned with who they are at their best and where they want to go. You’re a 1-person organization.

Life Purpose Image: Eulogy

5. What’s the first step?

Write your eulogy. That’s right, your eulogy. The nice things that someone would say about you at your funeral. A eulogy is about the positive impact you had in your life. How you made people feel. This will give you an idea of what is most important to you.

Life Purpose Image: XYZ

6. It’s all about X, Y, Z

If you’re having trouble defining your Life Purpose, use this structure: “I help X with Y so that Z.” For example, “The Courage Crusade helps young-at-heart people (“X”) find the courage to be themselves (“Y”) so they can pursue true happiness (“Z”).

Life Purpose Image: Sweetheart

7. Is your sweetheart right for you?

What does your spouse think about your Life Purpose? Does he/she believe in it? Will he/she support you in living true to your Life Purpose? If not, that’s a red flag.

Life Purpose Image: Excited At Work

8. Want to like your job more?

Focus on bringing your Life Purpose into your daily work. For example, if your Life Purpose is to “Help others excel along new paths,” use every opportunity to do that at work.  How can you help others at work excel at new things?

Life Purpose Image: Same Person

9. You’re the same person at work as you are at home

Most people think they can be a slightly different person at work than they are at home. But not if you want to be your happiest and perform at your best. You are ONE person, all the time. Your Life Purpose applies equally to both scenarios. That Life Purpose in number 6 above can be applied at home and with friends as much as it can at work.

Life Purpose Image: Happy Pig

10. Pig in Poop

The more you align your life and career with your Life Purpose, the better you will perform and the more fulfilled you will be. You will be happier than a pig in poop. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?


Well, we hope this has helped you understand what it means to have a life purpose AND perhaps you learned a thing or two about what yours might be. Again, you can always learn more from Billy’s book Your Comfort Zone is Killing You: Finding the Courage To Be You. Otherwise, you can also check out our Life Purpose video on our YouTube channel here.

Have a courageous day!