Emily Aubé Not Her OCDHi. I am Emily Aubé. I am twenty years old and I am a Courage Crusader.

Let me explain. When I was twelve years old, I was officially diagnosed with all six anxiety disorders after living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder my entire childhood. In the midst of this hardship, I created a mental health organization called “Anxiety Free Community” for those who needed to hear the voice of hope, education and assistance. This was a voice I did not hear in my environment as I struggled with my own mental health issues. I quite literally became the voice that I had wished existed. Since then, I’ve become a mental health advocate for teens and young adults speaking in high school and universities. In 2014, I started my own coaching business in which I offer many services from intuitive readings to anxiety-free coaching. I divide my time
between my amazing job and my studies in psychology to be able to serve and help others as best as I can with all the knowledge I have and learn.

Above all of this, and what reigns most important to me, is my identity as a writer. Writing has been my saving grace. If all were to fall apart tomorrow, I would still have writing. And through writing, I am always able to express myself and find epiphanies no matter what might be going on in the outside world around me. It’s still surreal to me that I published my first book at the age of nineteen – I forget Emily Aubé Funall the time that I already am who I want to be. I will never stop writing, not for exposure, but as a survival and happiness tool.

The reason why I have decided to work with Billy and become a Courage Crusader is simple: I never give up. I never have and I never will. And that’s a huge responsibility – this never giving up thing. It takes guts. It takes determination. But most of all, it takes courage.

I am so excited to work with Billy as my coach for the next six months to amp up my purpose and to get clear on my values while implementing them in all aspects of my life. I am looking forward to the day when I have enough courage to say exactly what I mean out loud at all times with courage as my energetic vibration. Billy has an effortless talent in which he allows you to be who you truly are, without judgment. He encourages your inner child to come out and play, which enables absolutely everyone to let go of their wounded self for a moment and remember their true essence. Truly, I want to be more like Billy. When I heard he built an igloo for fun and slept in it, it made me laugh, but it made me want to hang out with him too. Billy is one of the rare people on this earth who is courageous enough to create his own rules. And this is why I am so excited to learn from him.

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