I walked out my front door this morning, spread my arms out wide to the world and yelled, “Are you ready?!”  I felt like a superhero, completely in charge of my life and where I’m going.  YOU can feel this way too, by making a minor change in the words you use when you speak every day.

You do it by erasing these words from your vocabulary: need, should, have to.  Replace them with ‘want’.  Every time you use need/should/have to, you are disempowering yourself because you’re basically saying you have no choice in the matter.  ”I have to work late tonight.”  No you don’t.  You don’t NEED to do anything.  You don’t even need to breathe.  You’ll die, but you don’t NEED to breathe.  No one is forcing you to.

True freedom comes from taking responsibility for every single thing you do, and by seeing everything as YOUR choice.  Not someone else’s.  That’s empowering.  The secret is to find the ‘want’ in everything you do.  You work late because you want a career.  You don’t have to get up early to go to the gym, you do it because you want to be in shape (or maybe you want a great ass).  You don’t have to skip the party because you should help your friend move furniture, you want your friend to know he’s important to you.

And don’t wallow in your past shoulds!  Maybe you feel you should have taken a different job, should not have stayed up so late last night, should have said something in that important meeting.  It’s done!  You can’t change it, so move the %#& on and figure out what you want to do about it now.

Stop should-ing all over yourself!  People should on themself every day, and it’s disempowering.  Take responsibility for every single thing you do, see the want in it, and feel more empowered.  Don’t be one of those pathetic people that has an excuse for everything in their life.  You are in control of what happens in your life every single day.  Nobody else.

What do you want to do today?

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