When we were little kids we were excited to show our friends our bedroom. “Hey, wanna see my room?!” Your room expressed who you were and what you aspired to be.  I had pictures of athletes and superheroes. My room represented who I was and what excited me about life.

As an adult, does your room (which may now be an entire house or condo, not just a room) reflect who you are?  Or is it “safe”?  Are your dreams and style dictated by Pottery Barn because someone decided that’s how adults should act?  Could a stranger walk into your place, look around, and get a feel for who you really are as an individual?  Or does it look like everyone else’s place?  Have all the bright colours, stripes and polka dots of your sunny childhood been replaced by the solid colours of don’t-rock-the-boat adulthood?

Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced a mild stirring in my loins when I’m in Pottery Barn (some of that stuff is sweet!), but I make sure to add my own touch of Billy.  My bedroom is bright green with a canoe paddle on the wall, a picture of Muhammad Ali, and a huge quote that says “If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.”  My room is 100% ME.

So look around your dwelling.  Does it reflect you?  Does it show what your priorities are?  Your hopes and dreams?  If it does, then good for you – you have the guts to stand up for who you want to be.

If it doesn’t, what’s holding you back?  What do you need to let go of in order to let the real you shine through?  Chances are you need to let go of worrying what other people think.

A young person is someone who has more dreams for the future than memories.

Post a reply… Does your place reflect only your past, or your bright future too?