My whole life I’ve wanted to be tough and in control. A rock. Never fragile or emotional, rarely expressing the f-word (feelings) because wouldn’t that make me sound weak?

But now I understand the power of being vulnerable. It’s the best way to build trust and stronger relationships. I’m an emotional guy and it’s time to embrace it and stop pretending I’m not. The old stereotypes of what makes a man a “man” need to be revised.

I’ve been known to get emotional at commercials. I can’t even THINK about watching the Christian The Lion video without getting weepy.

I get choked up when I think about the people I’m closest to, or when I see one of my coaching clients break out of their shell, push past their boundaries and become super proud of who they are.

What about you? Do you allow your emotions to come out? How might you benefit by doing it more?

I’m an emotional sap. Take it or leave it, that’s me!

Now I’m going to do some push-ups and pretend I like beer 🙂