Courage Crusader Jessica Li has had an unthinkable past and is an amazing example of resilience, courage and strength.

At the age of 17, Jessica was gang-raped. Then, in 2010 after almost 10 years of an abusive marriage, Jessica’s husband confidently told her, “I’ll kill you” as he choked her unconscious twice and stabbed her. Facing death in that moment, one of the thoughts Jessica had was, “This isn’t fair. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do.” She wanted to live, and she wanted to live without regrets.

CC-Blog---Jessica-Billy-ImageJessica’s strength and courage was made clear when she left her husband despite many risks and decided to turn her traumatic history into an inspiration for others. In 2013, Jessica launched a business to help people eat healthier and be more physically active, and since then has evolved into helping singles and couples have mind-blowing, yet spiritually and emotionally connected sex with their partners. Through her work, she also helps entrepreneurs and high-achieving professionals use the power of sexual energy to bring more wealth into their lives.

But, as any entrepreneur will tell you, it’s never easy to put yourself out there – now, imagine how scary it has been for Jessica. Her story isn’t easily told. While she had really pushed herself and done SO much to make the best out of her past already, Jessica knew she could use a little more courage… this time to help her tell her story in the most authentic, honest and open way possible.

After going through Billy’s coaching program, Jessica became more clear about what her true gift is that she can offer the world and how to gain the courage to share her story. As Jessica puts it:

I have gained much insight about myself. I’ve learned about my blocks and I’ve truly seen that it really is all in the mind. I’ve gained so much more courage since we working with Billy. Now I act on the right opportunities faster and decision-making has become way easier after getting clear on my values. Plus, I am more vocal about my opinion on things. I stand a heck of a lot stronger in what I believe in. All of this has helped me grow as both a professional and as a person.

JessicaLiEventPosterAlong with her life and business partner, Michael Santonato, Jessica has co-founded The Sensational Sex Seminar, allowing her to spread her message of empowerment, confidence, and self-love. She is an inspirational speaker, published author and radio show host. Her next Sensational Sex Seminar is on June 14th and you can learn more about it here.

Jessica is also launching an event for entrepreneurs, The Next Level Entrepreneur. This event provides hands-on health and wellness advice, as well as expert workshops, massage, healthy meals, a post-event dance party and post-event access to to the experts. The Courage Crusade’s founder, Billy Anderson, will be the Keynote Speaker on June 7th. For more information on Jessica’s Next Level Entrepreneur event read on here.

Jessica, we are so incredibly inspired by your story and all the courageous work you are doing to get your message out there and change people’s lives.  You are a true Courage Crusader!