Getting punched in the face isn’t exactly fun.  So why was my first boxing match one of the most fun nights of my life, even though I lost?  (you can watch the fight here if you want)  This is what boxing taught me about life…

– When you have a chance to fail in front of other people, you know you are pushing yourself to the absolute limit.  You’re getting the most out of life and you’re in charge; you’re not letting fear hold you back.

– Sometimes the outcome isn’t as important as the fact that you just TRIED it.

– You can prepare as much as possible for something, but there will always be surprises.

– You learn more from losing than you can from winning.

– You need to keep adjusting and fine-tuning, but the goal remains the same.

– If you don’t do something yourself, you don’t really know or understand it.

– Committing to doing something scary is often scarier than actually doing it.  We build it up in our head.

Which of those life lessons applies most to you TODAY?  What do you want to do about it?