Sorry for my absence!  First it was my honeymoon, then Christmas, then I just got lazy.  But I’m back 🙂

We honeymooned (is that even a word?) for 17 super duper days in The Galapagos and Machu Picchu.  Just me and my FG (Forever Girlfriend).  Here are a few of the things we learned:

– Separate beds is just as good on a honeymoon as it is at home!  Mmmm sleep.
– Meeting people from all over the world is just as fun as traveling all over the world.
– We’ll take a $40 private room in a hostel over a $200 night in a hotel any day.  We met so many travelers!
– Even the people we met from Namibia (southern Africa) are up to date on the latest Rob Ford news.
– If you can do 9 flights in 17 days and not kill each other, the marriage will work!
– The Galapagos has birds called “Boobies”.  Swear to god.  I made at least 3 days worth of immature jokes from this.
– Nothing brings a couple together quite like a bad case of “the runs” does.  My stomach still hurts.
– Sea lions are pretty much the cutest things in the WORLD (watch one of our sea lion videos here)

I hope you’re all having a kick-ass start to 2014!