This isn’t the first time we’ve said it, and it certainly won’t be the last. You can ALWAYS use more Courage! Courage helps us step out of our comfort zone, try new things, discover more about who we are and be 100% ourselves. But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got some great reasons for you to have more courage in YOUR life too!



1. Courage to figure out what your super-powers are

Everyone is at least a LITTLE bit scared – consciously or subconsciously – that they’re not actually very good at anything.  This keeps us doing the stuff we already know how to do, rather than figuring out what our true super-powers are and doing THAT.  We all have unique gifts that we can do better than anyone.  It’s the way for us to put a dent in the universe.  Are you using yours?


2. Courage to ask for MORE

I see this all the time.  “My life is already pretty good, I have more than lots of people do, how can I ask for more for me?”  I’ve seen it with men and women, but I believe women have an ever tougher time with this.  But the more perfect your life is for YOU, the better you are to everyone else; as a friend, parent, spouse, teacher, boss….  Your needs are a crucial ingredient to EVERYONE’S happiness and success.


3. Courage to have “that” conversation

Most of us have at least one conversation that we’re avoiding having with someone.  Whether it’s your boss, kids, parents, friends, sweetheart….  Ask yourself “What’s the one conversation I’ve been avoiding?  The one I would love to have off my chest.”  Very very rarely do these conversations end up being as bad as we’ve built them up to be in our brain.


4. Courage to make a difference

When you’re lying on your death-bed, all you’ll care about is this: “Did I matter?”  We all feel better when we make a positive difference in the world and for other people.  To do this, you first have to figure out your superpowers (see #1) and then have the guts to use them!  The people who think you’re crazy are simply the people who are scared to think bigger themselves!

MoreCourage_I Don't Know

5. Courage to not know

We are programmed through evolution to be terrified of the unknown, because for thousands of years the unknown got us killed!  As a result, we don’t like uncertainty.  We like to feel in control as much as possible.  But when you always know what’s going on or what’s about to happen, you don’t learn anything.  You don’t have adventures.  You don’t grow.  You’re stuck in your comfort zone.

MoreCourage_Stick Up For Yourself

6. Courage to stick up for yourself

I coach SO MANY people who simply want the courage (and confidence) to stick up for themselves in one relationship or another.  Do you feel like you get walked on sometimes?  Are you a Yes Man or Yes Woman?  Is it time for you to speak your mind?  Until you do, your amazingness is being stifled.

MoreCourage - Speak Up For Yourself

7. Courage to speak up

Do you have great ideas that die in your head because you don’t give them a voice?  When I first worked in advertising I was TERRIFIED to share my ideas or concerns.  What if I said something stupid?!  In a survey I did of more than 20 organizations in Toronto, the number 1 change they wanted to see in their employees was this: speak up more.  Could you be better at this at work, or at home?  You probably have some good stuff in that head of yours!

MoreCourage - Have More Fun

8. Courage to have more fun

I don’t know why, but most people forget to have fun when they become adults.  They get all serious.  But adults are just big kids.  We love to play until the day we croak!  So grab a board-game, play a prank on a friend, try a new hobby or sport.  Go outside and ride your bike to the store to get a chocolate bar.  Stop being such an adult!

MoreCourage_Redefine Success

9. Courage to define your own version of success

Most people, when hearing the word “success,” think about their career.  Promotions, salaries, bigger houses, fancier cars….  But what if success included everything you care about?  Family, friends, personal growth, adventure, peace of mind.  In my opinion, an ambitious person is one who feeds ALL the priorities in their life, not just the work ones.

MoreCourage_Be Yourself

10. Courage to be yourself!

This is what everything above is all about.  Being 100% you makes you happier than a pig in poop.  You also perform at your best.  In a world where most people are terrified to be themselves, I challenge you to unleash the real you.  Not sure what the “real you” looks like?  Start by figuring out what your Values are.  They make you unique.  You can discover your Values here.

Well, that’s just a FEW of the reasons that it pays to have more courage – and what you could do with more courage. Comments or questions? Post them below, and definitely let us know if you try any of this in your own life!

Have a courageous day.

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