Chances are, at some point you’ve fantasized about walking into your boss’ office (past or present) and telling him/her to shove your job where the sun don’t shine, because you’re outta here.  Maybe you throw something.  Maybe you drop your pants and pee on their fancy corner-office leather sofa beside the stupid picture of their cat they never stop talking about.

Ok, maybe that’s going a bit far.

An easy decision it is not (the job quitting, not the peeing).  Would those other job opportunities really be any different?  Does the freedom of running your own business really outweigh the stress and constant unknowns?

If you’re thinking about going out on your own, check out this fun posting about the pros and cons of self-employment:

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABut here is something crucial to keep in mind regarding any job/career change.  Your job is made up of 2 main components: Industry and Discipline.  You may be a teacher (Discipline) in the school system (Industry), or a marketer (Discipline) for a sports company (Industry).  Many people who want a change feel they need to change both.  But maybe you like one and not the other.  You may love teaching but hate the school system.  You could continue being a teacher (Discipline) but do it for charities (Industry) who have an education department.  You may love being a lawyer (Discipline) but hate the big law firm Industry, so maybe you could be the in-house lawyer in an Industry that excites the hell out of you.

If you change BOTH Industry and Discipline at the same time you will experience a big pay cut and you will be much further out of your comfort zone.  Maybe that’s ok for you.  If it’s not, keep doing what you’re doing (Discipline) but change your Industry.  Pick an Industry that you’re passionate about.  One that you like talking about even on weekends.

But either way, do not stay in a job you don’t like.  Your mamma ain’t dressing you anymore – your happiness is up to you and no one else.  You are where you are because you put you there.