“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  Ever heard that before?  It’s true.  Every once in a while you should reevaluate your Crew.  Are they still a good fit for you?  Are they bringing you up or bringing you down?

Here are the top 10 ways to know if your crew is right for you…

Billy’s Top 10 Ways To Know Your Crew Is Right For You


1. They make you feel good about yourself

Seems like a no-brainer, right?  But some people make little jabs at you, or belittling remarks to make themselves feel better, because of their own insecurities.


2. They’re there for you in the bad times

When things are good, friends come out of nowhere.  But what about when times are bad – are they still there for you?  Or do you ask for help and only hear crickets?


3. They remember things you care about

The little things.  Like the kind of music you like, types of food….  And your birthday!  It shows they care about you, and dang that feels good.


4. That make you laugh

Nothing feels better than a big hearty laugh!  The kind where your stomach hurts.  Especially when it’s the little things that not everyone else finds funny.  You’re united in your humour, silliness and – from time to time – a healthy dose of immaturity.


5. They align with your Values

The things that are really important to you are really important to them too.  Like honesty, integrity, fun…whatever you value most.  If you want to identify your top 10 values, you can take our free Vales Assessment here.


6. They ask about YOU

They don’t just talk about themselves all the time, they also care about YOUR stuff.  “A bore is someone who opens their mouth and puts their feats in it.”  They should care about your feats too!


7. They’re not just there when they’re single

You know the kind.  Always there with you on the weekend, or your birthday, or always replying to your email or calls.  But then they find a romance and they fall off the face of the earth.  Suddenly you’re no longer important?  Not a good friend.


8. They trust you with secrets (this is good and bad!)

This isn’t always good, because secrets can sometimes feel like a burden.  But if they trust you with them it is proof that they believe in your friendship and trust your advice.


9. They make you feel included

They invite you to things even if they know you’re out of town.  They hear about something they know you like, so they tell you about it. “Hey, I know you love Old Crowe Medicine Show and I heard they’re coming to town. Here’s the link!”


10. They push you to reach your potential

They believe in your abilities and your dreams and they push you to achieve them.  They don’t want you to settle because they know you’re f#%ing awesome, even on days when you don’t feel it yourself.

Well, hopefully this list will help you identify people in your Crew that are right for you… and those that aren’t. AND if you need help cutting OUT those that aren’t, you can find some advice in Billy’s book, Your Comfort Zone is Killing Your – available on Amazon here.

You can also, always, get in touch with Billy at sayhi@couragecrusade.com.

Have a courageous day!