One part of me is saying, “You can’t post this video.  You run a business, you’re a professional, how will people take you seriously?”  The other voice says, “Everyone has an inner kid – they should be encouraged to let it out!”

The latter voice won.  From all my Coaching and Speaking experience, and after leading over 30 wilderness trips with Outward Bound Canada, I know that adults absolutely love the chance to play and be silly so long as someone gives them permission to do it.

So this is what I did last week.  It felt amazing.  I felt like a kid again.  When did YOU last feel like a kid?  What could you do to allow your inner awesome kid to come out and be a goof?  It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it won’t happen unless you let it.  Click the video image below or watch it here.

Now get out there and be a kid!