Our email beeps when a new message comes in.  Our phone tells us we have a critical update from one of our 500 Facebook met-them-once-at-a-bar-3-years-ago friends.  Clients want everything ASAP.  Thanks to the World Wide Web (remember when it used to be called that?) we are running around like chickens with our heads on Rob Ford crack.

As a result, patience has gone the way of the Sony Walkman.  Well, I want it back (the patience, not the Walkman).  With more and more proof that stress results in sickness and disease, I want to put my life in neutral more often. Or maybe 2nd gear, but definitely less 5th gear.

Patience brings us peace of mind.  It allows us to smell the roses.  It helps us do things RIGHT, not just FAST.

How can you improve your patience?  With any given situation, ask yourself “What’s in my control here?”  We spend way too much time focusing on what is NOT in our control, and it drives us crazy.  Next, accept the fact that multi-tasking is not productive and you cannot do it well (neither can I), so stop doing it!  Start to notice the things that make you impatient.  Lastly, say “no” more often.  Impatience often comes from having too much on your plate.

I also like to take a few deep breaths when I feel impatience enveloping me like a pita wrap.  I try to slow everything down to 80% my normal speed (this helps a LOT).  The more present you can be, the more you’ll become buddies with patience.

What do YOU do to improve your patience?  Please share this post so patience can spread like a weed.  You can see Oprah’s patience tips here.

Have a slow-moving day 🙂