I turned 43 years old this month.  Or 15,695 hours.  It sounds much older in hours.

According to the World Bank, I’m MORE than half done my life based on the year I was born (if you want to see your approximate life expectancy based on your birth year, check here).  In fact, we are the only species that knows it’s ever going to die.

Screw that chart, I’m going to live for at least another 43 years.  And I’m going to take the stuff I learned in the last 43 and apply it as much as possible.  Such as:

  • – Worry less what other people think of me.
  • – Always make time for fun.  Especially silly fun.
  • – Practice mindfulness and live more in the moment.
  • – Detach more from my cell phone.
  • – Stop trying to hide my feelings when I’m sad or upset.
  • – Smile and say hi to more strangers on the street.
  • – Say ‘I love you’ more to the people who I love.

What could YOU do differently from this day forward, in order to be even happier than you are now?