Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You

Your Comfort Zone

Is Killing You

My keynote unfreezes your people 

so they’re ready to embrace change.

My keynote unfreezes your people so they’re ready to embrace change.

 “I’ve run conferences over the last 30 years and hired great keynote speakers.  Billy Anderson is the best ever.”


Rich Wilson, CEO Paul Davis Inc. 

About Billy Anderson

Billy is an international speaker, executive leadership coach, and author of the book “Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You.”


Previously, Billy was an advertising manager in Europe and Canada, a fundraising director for UNICEF, an apple picker in New Zealand and a sugar cane farmer in Costa Rica. He also spent 10 years leading wilderness trips for Outward Bound.


Billy continually steps out of his comfort zone in order to test his courage. He has jumped out of an airplane exactly 101 times. He has traveled to over 40 countries, including running with the bulls in Spain, and swimming with sharks in South America.


And he’s scared of the exact same things as everyone else: failure, looking stupid, and not being liked.

“Billy possesses the rare combination of being immediately impactful and remarkably memorable. He reached people’s hearts and minds at the same time.”


Karen Adams, President & CEO, FundServ Inc. 

About The Talk

Change is scary.

People want to know their fears are normal, and they want to feel supported and equipped to handle the change.
My talk is about courage – understanding it, using it, growing it and growing from it.
The 4 ways my talk differs from those of others:
  • I use humour – and humour makes learning stick better.
  • I’m interactive – I engage the audience to help them flex their courage muscle.
  • I customize your talk so the audience sees themsleves in the content.
  • I give them tools, which they can use immediately to create behaviour change.
I will also arrive the night before to get to know your people and start to set the tone.  After my keynote I will stay for the entire day to answer people’s questions and provide 1-on-1 time.

About the Book

My book helps you avoid the #1 regret of people on their deathbeds – “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”


Through my book you can easily learn…

  • How fear holds you back
  • How to gain comfort with risk
  • How other people’s expectations hold you back
  • How to speak up for what matters to you
  • How to increase your courage muscle, starting immediately

“Billy was engaging and impactful.  He went above and beyond.”


Scott Mossip, President of California Closets Retail, Inc.

Sound intriguing?  Let’s set up a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.